We Care; We Nurture; We Develop.

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Kids Kinder are passionate about providing early childhood education of the very highest level. We have a simple philosophy – we care, we nurture, we develop. We aim to provide quality childcare and education in a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment.

Kids kinder strives to provide a family like atmosphere that welcomes family involvement and is known for its anti bias, non threatening curriculum. Parents can be assured that they are entrusting the care of their children to fully qualified staff who have not only received full training in first aid, but are fully conversant with common medical problems that many preschool children encounter – such as asthma and anaphylactic reactions.

We provide child care centres in Western Sydney that are devoted to catering for the development of the preschool period from soon after birth at six weeks right up to the kinder years. Our kids kinder childcare program focuses on the development of the whole of the child and uses an emergent curriculum style of education that focuses on developing the child’s curiosity and stimulating learning. Our individual based approach allows for individualised teaching and spontaneous learning. This allows each child to build lifetime skills of inter-relating with others, resilience, empowerment, socialising and independence.

Our core beliefs can be summarised by three key concepts:

We Care

Our primary concern is to provide a safe environment for your child’s social and educational development. This need is at the forefront of our service delivery and as early childhood educators, we are strongly committed to providing the following non-negotiable elements in our child care services :

  • Fully trained professional educators and support staff who appreciate the importance of fun and established routines in a safe community environment. We encourage our people to ensure that your child enjoys their time in childcare, while taking the first preparatory steps towards school.
  • The provision of an extended hours program to meet the demands of modern society. We understand that as a supportive parent, there are simply times when it’s necessary to source childcare out of the normal range of hours. These are the times that a child care centre has to offer more than just being “child care near me.” Please talk to our childcare centre manager to discuss your situation and what services we can assist you with. You can be assured that we will make every effort to cater for your child’s situation. We make it our business.

We Nuture

Our goal is to help every child that is in our care to reach their potential and we take great pride in working with you the parent to make that goal a reality.

We appreciate that preschool children are all unique with their own individual qualities and home life experiences. However, we strongly believe that we can support every child by providing them with a second completely secure and supportive environment which will encourage:

  • An ongoing love of learning
  • The growth of positive self-esteem in the child
  • A respect and acceptance of other people and their differences.

We Develop

We take pride in addressing the dual needs of providing individual care and offering a plentiful supply of modern childcare center facilities. We achieve this by:

  • Supplying a large range of equipment and toys within our facilities
  • Organising flexible individual programs to suit each child
  • Ensuring that your child not only is physically, emotionally and socially safe but also will feel that the kindergarten program or preschool program is safe for them.

Kids Kinder takes great pride in encouraging parental involvement, and promoting healthy nutrition.

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Parent Involvement

At Kids Kinder, we welcome family input and participation and treat your involvement as a top priority. We welcome diversity and encourage families of all sizes and cultures to get involved in our kindergarten preschool activities and welcome volunteers in any capacity.

We also encourage parents active participation by sharing their life experience with the children. To facilitate this, we offer many special occasions throughout the year, where we issue invitations to parents and families to visit our facilities and join in the celebrations.

Parent Involvement

Introducing kindy Hub App

Designed exclusively for all parents at Kids Kinder to access children’s activity.

Introducing kindy Hub App

Designed exclusively for all parents at Kids Kinder to access children’s activity.

Our Technology


Designed exclusively for all parents at Kids Kinder to access children’s activity.

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Parents can receive news and information from educators all in one easily accessible central location.

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Kindyhub enables families to view photos of their child only plus any group photos sent by the centre.

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