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Other Activities

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Basketball Program

    • Learning Cooperation and teamwork
    • Improves children’s fitness levels
    • Physical Activity essential for development
    • Promotes a healthy & active lifestyle
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Cooking Classes

    • The first step in learning a valuable life skill
    • Promotes proper nutrition
    • Encourages Creativity and Cognitive Development
    • Educate children about Essential Kitchen Safety
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    • Helps to build children’s confidence
    • Encourages Socialisation
    • Exciting change of scenery
    • Opens children up to the world around them
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Flexibility Classes (0-2 years)

    • Improves posture and strengthens the joints
    • Reduces the risk of injury
    • Promotes proper breathing
    • Encourages good health and an active lifestyle
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Soccer Program

    • Encourages an active lifestlye
    • Reduces risk of obesity
    • Improves hand/eye coordination
    • Encourages Teamwork and Socialisation
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Sign Language Classes

    • Great for cognitive development
    • Encourages an inclusive attitude
    • Helps to build a child’s confidence
    • Provides children with a valuable lifelong skill
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Gardening Classes

    • Helps educate children about the Earth’s importance
    • Promotes care & compassion
    • Teaches children to care for the environment
    • Helps encourage an active lifestyle

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