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Austral Childcare is the perfect choice for you and your family. Getting the right childcare facility for your kids will make your working life that much easier. However, all childcare centers are not alike and you need to ensure that your kids are going to get the best available care . Kids Kinder Austral Child Care Centre offers the local community a variety of child day care options including:

  • Long day care centre
  • Early childhood centre
  • Kindergarten
  • Early learning centre
  • School hours care

At Kids Kinder our motto is very simple – we care, we nurture and we develop.

When you choose our Austral childcare or kindergarten you can be assured that you are entrusting the care of your children to a professional early childhood education team that understands the importance of not just simply caring for your child but nurturing them and helping them to develop into a well rounded individual who will be ready to cope with the social demands of attending school when they reach that age.

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Located at 105A Ninth Avenue Austral, our childcare program offers Austral a variety of learning opportunities, nutritious meals, fun activities, adherence to national standards and a total commitment to care for kids attending our child care centre. Once you have sampled the Kids Kinder community approach to day care, you will have no hesitation in recommending us as the “very best child care near me”.

As Kids Kinder is an approved early childcare provider, you will be eligible to apply for assistance via the Child Care Subsidy. How much assistance you will be eligible for will depend on a variety of factors including work status, family income and the particular type of early age care that you choose.

Kids Kinder Austral day care is perfect for local community residents needing to send kids to childcare nearby . Opening hours are between 7.00 am and 6.00 pm Monday to Friday and caters for kids between the ages of 6 weeks to 6 years.

The Kids Kinder childcare centre curriculum focuses on the kids and will be guided by their interests and ages as well as input from the family in consultation with our education team.

The Austral Kids Kinder childcare centre education team understands that our core value involves care and understandably we go out of our way to deliver it. Whether you’re looking for the best “early learning centre near me”, “the best preschool near me” or “the best child care centres near me” you want to know that the core philosophy of the Austral community preschool is care and when you choose Kids Kinder Austral you can be assured of that!

Our main focus is to always ensure the provision of safe child care that Austral residents can rely upon for quality. As child care providers we appreciate the tremendous responsibility of providing child care services to Austral residents. Our policies have been formulated to reflect that responsibility and include:

  • All preschool educators and staff are fully trained and qualified to perform their roles. They are able to combine fun elements within established routines that will provide opportunities for kids to learn in a friendly and safe childcare community. Our staff are encouraged to create an environment where each child enjoys their days in our care as they take their first step towards formal education.

Our extended hours service goes beyond normal school hours and is designed to meet the needs of the Austral community. We understand that parents are faced with difficult choices and a variety of competing obligations and that there will be times where long day care is the best option. Our service has received a high rating because we understand that community child care centres in Austral like ours must deliver a level of service and care that is better than being the choice of parents simply for being “child daycare near me”. Kids Kinder has the people, community and commitment to deliver. Don’t settle for second best – choose Kids Kinder, the highly rated child care centre for pre school care.

Our goal is to help every child reach their potential. We want to work with parents to achieve that aim.

At Kids Kinder Austral we appreciate that children of all ages will be special in their own way. They all have their own set of specific individual characteristics and experiences that make them who they are. Our highly trained team have the necessary skills and knowledge to support and nurture every child in our care by providing them a safe supportive community environment which will help to facilitate:

  • Development of a love of learning from the earliest of ages.
  • Growing sense of self worth in your child
  • Learning respect and acceptance of others for who they are.

From our perspective we see adherence to the national quality guidelines of Australia as a critical factor in aiding your kid’s growth and development and work to maintain a high rating in this area.

Our early childcare learning center aims to ensure to address the core principles of providing early childhood education and child care. We are also focused on providing the Austral residents with the widest possible range of child care options while providing high quality modern day care centre facilities and a ready supply of amenities, a healthy nutritious food menu, and resources. We meet these needs by:

  • Providing a wide variety of play options, equipment and toys for child care, kindergarten and after school care
  • Planning, creating and providing programs flexible enough to suit children of all ages and abilities.
  • Establishing an emotional social and physical environment that your child will not only feel safe in but will feel at home within the entire kindergarten after school care or long day care center community.

As part of our program we provide a school readiness program that has been carefully implemented in order to prepare your child for the days when they enter primary school care. The goals of our school readiness program are:

  • To build a strong sense of self within the child
  • A development of socialisation skills
  • A development of the child’s sense of place in the world
  • Learning the concepts of teamwork, sharing and cooperation – how to be part of the community.
  • To develop a sense of contentment, happiness and comfort within the child
  • To develop the child’s confidence and to stimulate an active involvement in learning and the wider school community
  • Learning of effective communication skills

We offer the local community a complete preschool and child care service that will cater for preschoolers of all ages and needs. We understand how hard it is for local residents to find the right childcare facility in their location and if you’ve been searching for early childhood centers, kindergartens, or day care centers in the surrounding area then we are confident that if you review the full service and child care prices that we offer, you will find that our Kids Kinder is the perfect choice for you!

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