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  • Stresses a balanced use of the 5 main food groups.
  • Includes 6 balanced meals per day.
  • Is rotated every four weeks.
  • Changing items to suit the needs of summer and winter.
  • Encourages your child to be well hydrated by offering plenty of fluids.
  • Is sensitive and responsive to individual differences according to religious beliefs, allergies and tastes.

Routines / Program

Routines are vital in helping children to learn how their world is organised and how they need to act to make their way successfully through it.

Routines give children a sense of security and continuity in their day in addition to giving them some clear expectations about what comes next.

Properly planned routines give children the opportunity to learn concepts associated with math and sequencing. These concepts include:

  • Counting
  • Performing simple calculations
  • Being able to understand and follow ordered activity sequences
  • Being able to determine the relationship between elements

Additionally participation in common daily routines can aid a  child’s language development, as day to day activities incorporated in a routine will stimulate discussion.


Our preschool program is designed to:

  • Help your child to build strong self awareness
  • Help your child to learn socialisation skills
  • Assist your child to learn the key concepts of sharing and cooperation
  • Build your Child’s confidence
  • Help to stimulate a love of, and an active involvement in, the learning process
  • Help your child to develop communication skills

Parent Involvement

Kids Kinder actively encourage parent involvement as we see the involvement of parents as a vital part of the partnership between your family and us. We welcome volunteers for activities and excursions as well as your opinions and ideas. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss how you can contribute.


Our childcare management team has the appropriate skills that you would expect from a childcare management team. You can rely upon our management team to: 

  • Display excellent judgement
  • Possess sound business knowledge
  • Show Initiative
  • Demonstrate superior communication skills
  • Exhibit excellent mediation skills


Our educators are fully qualified in preschool education and are committed to delivering on our philosophy of caring, nurturing and developing your child so that they can reach their potential and prepare themselves for school.

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