Childcare Menu

Childcare Menu

At Kids Kinder we take the provision of excellent nutrition extremely seriously and are committed to contributing to your child’s good health.

We understand the importance of providing a nutritious healthy menu and our chefs will prepare a menu of five healthy meals a day, suitable for kids of all ages. We ensure that we follow the government guidelines as set down in the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority.

We understand the importance of providing a selection of fruit, vegetables as healthy eating choices that will nourish your child and teach them healthy eating habits prior to school age. If you’re looking for “child day care near me” you can be assured that kids kinder offer preschool menus that will provide your child with healthy nutritious meals. We take pride in setting guidelines for daycare menus that will provide your child with healthy nutrition on a daily basis.

We understand that the food we provide in our preschool facilities has a vital role to play in the growth and development of your child as well as enforcing the adoption of future eating habits. In long daycare centres, we recognise that a menu for preschoolers should be structured to meet a large amount of your child’s daily nutrition needs. We ensure that the childcare weekly menu offers a wide range of foods including vegetables, fruit, cereal, lean meat, fish, chicken, milk, water, yogurt and cheese to the children entrusted to our care.

The menu will be structured to include a variety of tastes and textures, applicable to the development stages of the different age groups that Kids Kinder caters for. We encourage children to keep hydrated throughout the day by drinking water and milk. Sweet drinks like juices and cordials are not considered necessary in a kid’s diet and are not provided by the centre. Similarly, sweet foods high in sugar content like lollies, cakes, biscuits and chocolates do not feature regularly in our nursery snack menu.

How we prepare nursery food menu & child care centre menus to deliver quality meals

We take great care and pride to prepare childcare menus and nursery menu plans that will provide a balanced healthy diet for kids in our care.

The menus are structured to meet breakfast, lunch, dinner needs as well as catering for morning and afternoon tea. The key three aspects of our nutrition program are as follows:

Feeding Babies

Feeding Babies

Kids kinder recognizes the need for babies to feel safe and secure at mealtimes and we will take every possible step to ensure that babies are looked after and fed in comfortable familiar surroundings. If you want your baby to be fed expressed breast milk, please contact the centre manager directly or online to arrange for proper storage of the milk.

We understand that your choice of child care is reliant upon many factors, but an integral part of your choice should be ensuring that the menu is healthy and nutritious. If you have been searching for daycare centers nearby and are worried about the menu, you can be assured that the menu offered by us is packed full of healthy recipes containing a balance of food, fruit and vegetables that will delight your children. Call us today or contact us via our online options to arrange an appointment for a tour and to discuss our nutritious menu options.

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