a childcare centre teacher encourages children to applaud each other during an activity

EYLF Concepts – Belonging, Being, Becoming

Belonging, Being & Becoming – Concepts Of The EYLF The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) has been developed by the Australian Federal Government. At its core lie three core principles…

a red-haired woman reads to students at a childcare centre

Importance of Reading to Children

The Importance of Reading to Children Stories help to stimulate a child’s development in multiple ways and reading to children is one of the best ways to share stories. Simply…


Playdough Benefits for Children

The many playdough benefits for children The benefits of playdough for toddlers and preschoolers are numerous, making it a great regular play resource. This ever-popular substance remains a favourite for…

a young girl with her father discusses the immunization procedure with an asian female doctor

Immunization in Childcare Settings

What are the current immunization requirements for childcare in NSW? Since 2018, immunisation in childcare settings requirements have been that all children attending childcare in New South Wales be fully…

A child looks absent mindedly at a globe while sitting at his desk in childcare

Setting up Learning Provocations in Childcare

Learning provocations in childcare settings? Simply explained, a learning provocation meaning in early childhood is an intervention that invites, provokes and stimulates learning, interest and creative thoughts.  While this description…

a young boy receiving lunch from his mother before his first day at childcare

Making the first day at childcare easier

How to make the first day at childcare comfortable  The first day at childcare is a huge day for both child and parent. Working to a pre-prepared plan will help…