Report Card Comments in Childcare

Formulating Report Card Comments

The main objectives of kindergarten report card comments and preschool report comments is to give parents a clear picture of their child’s achievements. General comments for report cards should be original, incisive and encouraging.

What characteristics to discuss

Comments should always be honest while remaining positive and constructive. The following preschool reports and comment examples are provided to give you an idea of what can be written to cover various categories. Report comments for kindergarten would be structured similarly.


These statements should be prefaced with either “your child” or the child’s name.

  • Is an eager learner who appears to relish his time at the centre.
  • Displays a positive attitude and perspective while being in attendance.
  • Seems to be refreshed and ready to participate in each day’s program activities.
  • Appears keen to be involved in all activities.
  • Displays initiative and always seems to be on the lookout for ways to be involved.
  • Can independently work through issues in an instinctive and positive way.
  • Always tries to improve their skills
  • Is committed to doing their best.
  • Looks for and welcomes new challenges.
  • Takes ownership of their learning.


Again, these comments should be prefaced with the child’s name or your child.

  • Is consistently cooperative with their peers and all educational staff.
  • Can easily transition between set activities without being distracted.
  • Is well mannered and always behaves in a courteous manner
  • Observes all room rules.
  • Behaves and responds maturely within their environment.
  • Responds in an appropriate way when correction is required.
  • Has an ability to keep their focus on the current activity.
  • Is not easily distracted by what others are doing..
  • Has a kind and helpful nature that is extended to all.
  • Has become a role model for cooperation and excellent behaviour.


The following guideline character report card comments should be personalised as appropriate.

  • Demonstrates appropriate respect for peers and educational staff.
  • Shows respect for the property of others and care for centre property
  • Honestly deals with others.
  • Participates in every project.
  • Shoes concern for the feelings of others.
  • Seeks responsibility and can be depended upon to do what is asked
  • Demonstrates thoughtfulness while interacting with others
  • Demonstrates respect for educators.peers and visitors to the centre.
  • Shows responsible behaviour daily by thoughtfully taking care of all room materials.
  • Interacts with educators. In a thoughtful and considerate way
  • Has surprising levels of self-discipline
  • Always finishes tasks on time
  • Displays perseverance when confronted with problems by asking appropriate questions and doing his/her best
  • Does not give up when faced with a difficult problem and always gives his/her best effort.
  • Is very caring and displays appropriate levels of concern for others.
  • Can always be relied upon to work cooperatively with other children
  • Can work cooperatively with others
  • Is very well organised and cares for his/her things
  • Always enthusiastically completes his/her work
  • Works well with others and is always polite
  • Interacts with others in a thoughtful and kind manner
  • Displays creative problem-solving abilities
  • Vikki works hard to complete all activities
  • When working with others needing extra assistance Sandra displays kindness and patience

Participation and Attendance

  • Listens carefully to what others have to say.
  • Readily follow instructions.
  • Actively participates in discussions.
  • Adds value to group discussions with their contributions.
  • Willing to share personal experiences with other children.
  • Entusicatically responds to subjects discussed in the room
  • Will seek clarification when required

Interactions with others

  • She is becoming more socially active and her social circle is widening. She is now confidently playing with the boys of her age. She has a strong trusting relationship with all of the adults in her class. She can confidently communicate when she is experiencing difficulties.
  • He has a keen interest in others and appears to have a genuine connection with them. He shows concern when one of his peers is hurt and will go out of his way to help them.


  • She expresses her creativity through her artwork.
  • She pays attention to detail.
  • Her craftwork is showing signs of innovation.

End of Year Report Comments

Report comments for kindergarten at the end of the year should always be positive
Examples here are :

  • Getting to know Rose has been an enjoyable experience. I wish her all the best next year in Kindergarten.
  • Having Tom in my room this year has been most enjoyable. I will miss him next year when he moves into Kindergarten.
  • Juliana is a wonderful child and one that I will miss next year.
  • Jan has been a joy to have in the room this year. She has been a fantastic student,. .
  • With her friendly manner and cooperative nature Mira will always be a welcome addition to Kindergarten and beyond…
  • I enjoyed having Kerry in my room this year.