Morning & Afternoon Tea Ideas for Childcare

Great Morning & Afternoon Tea Ideas for Childcare 

Looking for some great morning and afternoon tea ideas for childcare attendees?

We all understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and making every effort to ensure that snacks prepared for children meet nutritional guidelines while being enjoyable and fun. 

Sample Morning And Afternoon Tea Ideas For Children

some great nutritious food selection at a childcare centre including dips, carrots and sliced apple

While a serve of dry biscuits and cheese or a plate of nachos can be an enjoyable snack it is important to maintain a balance when organising morning and afternoon tea for childcare. Ideally, each child should have a diet made up of one third fruit vegetables, one third potatoes, rice and bread 15% dairy, 12% protein from meat, eggs, fish, etc and the remainder being made up of drinks and food with high sugar and fat content. Both sugar and fats form part of a healthy diet provided that they are consumed in moderation and make up a small portion of the overall diet.

Therefore, smaller morning and afternoon tea meals should consistently include such items as fruit and vegetables and the occasional sugary treat. One way to do this is to make up a nutritious smoothie shake full of healthy vegetables and fruits. Cutting fruits and vegetables into shapes is another way to encourage excitement around these meals. Involvement and participation in the preparation process can also make healthy eating a much easier prospect.

A sample afternoon tea idea could be an apple or other piece of fruit cut into pieces washed down by a nutritious banana smoothie including ingredients such as oatmeal, honey, yoghurt and of course a ripe banana.

Why Are Morning Tea And Afternoon Tea For Childcare Students So Important?

It comes as no surprise that research shows that the earlier you introduce children to healthy eating concepts the more likely they are to adopt healthy eating habits. Therefore, supplying healthy choices at morning and afternoon tea can help build good habits that can last a lifetime.

The benefits of healthy eating from a young age result in many key benefits that can be used to reinforce eating habits. The benefits include – good food helps children to concentrate and focus more, grow strong bones, maintain appropriate weight and to keep active.

What About Snacks After Childcare?

a young girl pours oatmeal into an empty white bowl at the kitchen table in her home

Supplying nutritious quality food for afternoon tea at childcare or after childcare can be quite problematic particularly if you are watching sugar levels.

The following meals are ideal snacks after childcare as well as being healthy morning tea snacks or morning tea ideas for toddlers.

  • Trail mix is a great option for children who are able to eat nuts.
  • Pumpkin pikelets using ½ cup of pureed pumpkin, two eggs, 1 ½ tablespoon of coconut flour and ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon.
  • Savoury muffins or pumpkin scones
  • Devilled eggs.
  • Mango fruit leathers which are thinly spread baked mango puree
  • Healthy sandwich options including tuna and avocado, egg and lettuce, cucumber, cheese and carrot, avocado, lettuce and tomato and even the old favourite vegemite and cheese.
  • Bliss balls sweetened with honey rather than sugar.


It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for healthy morning tea ideas, afternoon tea ideas for toddlers or kids morning tea ideas there is a range of healthy meal options that are delicious and filling.