Green Valley Child Care

Green Valley Child Care

Kids Kinder Green Valley child care centre is the perfect child care choice for Green Valley residents needing daycare, preschool care or kindergartens. The centre is open Monday to Friday catering for children from the ages of 1 years to 6 years of age. The facility has established a reputation for being one of the most trusted childcare centres in Green Valley.

At Kids Kinder our motto is very simple – we care, we nurture and we develop.

When you choose our Green Valley daycare or kindergarten you can be assured that you are entrusting the care of your children to a professional early childhood education team that understands the importance of not just simply caring for your child but nurturing them and helping them to develop into a well rounded individual who will be ready to cope with the social demands of attending school when they reach that age.

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We care for Green Valley preschool infants

Our primary focus is to provide a quality safe preschool, child care and kinder environment that the Green Valley community can rely upon to aid with their child’s social and educational development. This focus is placed at the core of our childcare service delivery. We recognize the responsibility we have as early childhood educators and take those responsibilities very seriously. For this reason we have a strong commitment to providing child care for the Green Valley community containing the following essential elements in our child daycare services:

• Qualified professional educators and fully trained support staff who understand the value of combining fun and established routines within a safe community care setting. Our people are given every encouragement to make sure that your child appreciates and enjoys their time spent in childcare, before embarking on their first steps towards preparing for school.

• An extended hours program designed to meet the real needs of the Green Valley community. We understand that modern parents have to juggle competing demands and that there are occasions when it’s necessary for long day care. These are the occasions that a child care centre has to provide you more service than just being a “Green Valley child care near me.” Kids Kinder Green Valley has the capacity to meet your long day care needs. Please contact our Green Valley childcare centre manager to discuss your day care needs and how we can assist you. You can be confident that we will strive to cater for your family’s circumstances and day care needs.

We nurture children of Green Valley requiring child care

We make it a goal to help every child in our preschool or long day care center facilities to achieve their potential. We are proud to work with the parents of the Green Valley community to make our goal a reality.

At Kids Kinder childcare we recognise the uniqueness of all preschool children. It is our belief that we are equipped to support every child in our care by giving them a second totally secure and supportive family type setting which will facilitate:
• A love of learning that will last a lifetime
• All important positive growth in the self-esteem in your child

• Learning to respect and accept other people and their differences for what they are
• A sense of belonging to a community

Our childcare operation places a great emphasis on addressing the key requirements of providing individual care while also offering the Green Valley community quality modern day care centre facilities with a plentiful supply of resources and amenities. We meet these needs by:

• Providing an extensive range of toys and play equipment on the kindergarten and preschool care sites

• Arranging flexible programs suitable for each individual child

• Establishing a care environment that your child not only feels socially, physically and emotionally safe but also will feel that the entire Green Valley kindergarten or preschool program is a safe environment

Our program offers a school readiness program designed to prepare your child to cope with the demands of their junior schooling with desired outcomes being:

• Your child developing a strong sense of self
• Your child will learn to overcome shyness issues and learn to socialise in a community setting
• Your child will feel part of the world and will be a willing contributor to the world as he or she perceives it.
• Your child will learn how to cooperate with others and share resources appropriately

• Your child will develop a strong sense of happiness, contentment and comfort Your child will develop in their confidence and become actively involved in the learning process
• Your child will learn how to communicate effectively in a safe kids kinder childcare environment

The Green Valley child care centre Kids Kinder team of accomplished and devoted teachers and support staff are dedicated to supporting each child to continue to grow and develop through a play-based learning curriculum complete with a delicious childcare menu complete with healthy, high-quality food.

Benefits of Kids Kinder childcare in Green Valley

It is well known that a parent is faced with increasing pressure to juggle the competing responsibilities of making ends meet with spending quality time to provide care for their children. The good news is that Kids Kinder can supply a quality childcare and early learning environment in close proximity to your location either in child daycare, long day care, kindergartens or even after school care formats. Our preschool can be the best support available to parents to help their children be able to succeed at school and in life.

In Australia, the government helps to facilitate childcare by providing a childcare subsidy to help with meeting the costs of childcare, kindergartens, preschool long day care and after school care. Kids kinder is an Australia government approved child care provider. This office is located at 232 Green Valley Road Green Valley NSW 2168

Kids Kinder provides child care that Green Valley community residents can rely upon for low rates, modern facilities, up to date resources, extra programs, and high quality education.

The Green Valley child care centre philosophy

The Green Valley Kids Kinder childcare services the Green Valley NSW 2168 area and surrounding regions. It is open between the hours of 7.00 am and 6.00 pm from Monday to Friday. Children between the ages of 1 year old to 6 years of age are eligible to attend.

The Green Valley Child Care Centre is governed by the following philosophy:

We believe in providing a home like environment that is friendly and inviting. we encourage harmonious relationships and parent involvement. We promote a non-discriminatory environment and we run a non-threatening anti bias curriculum that caters for individual needs and providing effective open communication channels for all parties. We promote safety in all areas and provide a variety of fun stimulating activities appropriate to the ages of kids attending the pre-school care activities.

Kids Kinder see parents as an integral part of the pre-school care community and actively encourage communication with centre staff and other community parents.

Parents are encouraged to be active participants in numerous ways and may visit whenever they are able to, provide us with useful resources , assist with routines, excursions, offer opinions and helpful suggestions to our pre-school care staff. We strongly believe that this ongoing connection with parents will assist in enabling a smooth pathway between home and the childcare community centre, making it easier for children of all preschool ages to learn comfortably in both situations.

Kids Kinder uses an emergent curriculum philosophy – this philosophy involves working with children of preschool ages and teaching them in a creative and stimulating way.
The focus is on the perspective of the child, so the child’s learning is centered around the things that the child finds to be interesting, appealing and inspiring.

This style of teaching focuses on the process rather than the product.

Our Green Valley community day care centre offers you a kindergarten/preschool program that will ensure your children are supported for their transition to school every step of the way. If you are looking for “day care centers near me”, or a “preschool near me” for Green Valley then we invite you to arrange a tour of our day care facility today.

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