How to Write A Childcare Educator Resume

How to Successfully Write A Childcare Educator Resume

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To succeed in landing a job it is crucial to develop a respectable childcare educator resume. Childcare education is a very competitive industry and qualifications alone may not be enough to secure a rewarding position. One of the key tools that will help you stand out from the crowd and create the opportunities to secure your dream childcare position is a comprehensive but concise Childcare CV that makes any potential employer eager to employ you.

A resume is a short document that details your relevant skills, experience and suitability for a specific position that you are applying for. Its sole purpose is to create sufficient interest from the employer for them to invite you to  a job interview.

Handy Tips To Guide The Creation Of Your Childcare Educator Resume:

The key elements of a good resume are that it is well presented, details your abilities and experience and gives the reader (employer) a sense of confidence in your ability to perform the role that they need.

It is important that you structure your resume to reflect your own experience and highlight your strengths. Any relevant experience is better than no experience at all. If you are new to the industry, consider related roles like babysitting that can be listed to highlight your abilities with children. Naturally, if you are an experienced childcare worker, you need to structure your resume accordingly to highlight your experience, achievements and strengths.

A childcare educator resume would include the following key details:

  • Personal details including name, address phone number, email and telephone number
  • A professional summary that emphasizes your strengths, abilities and personal qualities
  • Your education history commencing with the most recent qualification
  • Your employment history detailing your employment, responsibilities and achievements while performing your role 
  • Other skills and qualities
  • Interests
  • References

Provide A Cover Letter

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Unless a job advertisement specifically states that no cover letter is required, you should always submit a cover letter with your resume.

When applying for an advertised position the cover letter should include 

  • Your contact details including your name, professional email address and phone number.
  • The position/job that you are applying for.
  • Acknowledgement of any key selection criteria and  succinctly address your suitability to perform those criteria. If no key selection criteria is listed you should list your skills and qualities.
  • A brief explanation of why your skills and qualities make you the most suitable person for the job.

The cover letter should conclude with “I have attached a copy of my resume for your consideration and look forward to discussing this further with you” or something similar.

If you are submitting your resume “cold” the cover letter should take a slightly different tone as you are not applying for a specific job. The letter should include the following:

  • A statement that you are interested in working for the childcare centre.
  • A paragraph detailing how your skills and qualities suit the centre (you may need to do some specific research on the center so you can demonstrate you are indeed interested in them).
  • State what the aim of the letter is, in the event that there are no jobs currently available.
  • A conclusion stating that you intend to follow up in a couple of weeks but would welcome the opportunity to talk prior to that.

What Your Childcare CV Should Look Like

The key point is that your CV should be easy to read and look professional. There are plenty of easy to use sample CV’s available.

Key points to remember are to carefully check the spelling and to include page numbers. Including a photograph is optional but careful consideration should be given to the impression that the photograph creates.

Childcare Educator Resume Sample

Rebecca Coates

Address: 12 Smith St Collingwood |Tel 0498763452

Career Summary/Objective 

Professional childcare educator committed to inspiring and teaching children to be positive, patient and respectful.
I have extensive experience as a childcare educator with a positive can do mentality and a strong drive to succeed.


Masters in Early Childcare and education.

Deakin University, Geelong


Employment History

Childcare educator 

Rowville early educator centre



===> established and maintained safe place for children

===> provided instruction for children on health and personal hygiene including eating, resting and using the toilet

===> positively reinforced good behaviour

===> allowed for sufficient recreation time

===> individually engaged with children pleasantly and courteously

===> efficiently addressed behavioural and learning issues with parents

===> built constructive relationships with families

Additional Information

Skills and Qualities:

===> Excellent communication skills

===> Relate well to children

===> Patient

===> Attentive to behavioural issues

===> Team oriented

===> St Johns First Aid Certificate

===> Working with Children Certificate

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