a work experience teacher at childcare playing with young children

Childcare Work Experience

Obtaining Childcare Work Experience Gaining childcare work experience in a childcare or early learning centre is a great way to improve your child care skills. It also helps to place…

a platter of healthy food options including apples, carrots and dips for childcare students

Morning & Afternoon Tea Ideas for Childcare

Great Morning & Afternoon Tea Ideas for Childcare  Looking for some great morning and afternoon tea ideas for childcare attendees? We all understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet…

physical activity at a childcare centre with a toddler playing with a basketball inside

Physical Activity in Childcare

How To Promote Physical Activity In Childcare At Kids Kinder we recognise the critical role that play has in promoting physical activity in childcare. To get the best results from…

a group of childcare workers getting taught about reflective practice procedures

Reflective Practice in Childcare

Promoting reflective practice in childcare By practising reflective practice in childcare situations, educators are able to involve themselves in a process of ongoing learning that involves deep thinking, honesty, a…

two children gardening at a daycare center

Children Gardening Benefits

Encouraging Children Gardening Activities At Kids Kinder we’ve come to appreciate the many benefits of children gardening. The involvement in the natural world encourages natural curiosity and self expression. All…

a teacher sitting with an infant and toddler making origami

The Best Age to Start Daycare

What’s the best age to start daycare? There are many considerations to take into account when deciding to commence daycare and as everyone’s circumstances and children are different, there is…