a young child at childcare focused while playing with beads

The stages of play in early childhood

The stages of play in early childhood follow a logical pattern. This pattern is best explained by Mildred Parler’s thesis on the six stages of play. Parler’s stages of Play…

a child participating in a building block routine at childcare with her carer

Routines and Transitions in Early Childhood

Established routines in childcare help children to learn, grow and develop with confidence and certainty. Understanding and managing routines and transitions in early childhood can help make establishing a schedule…

a woman educating three young children in child care

Childcare Quality Improvement Plan

A quality improvement plan childcare enables a childcare centre to self-assess their practices and identify areas for improvement. Maintaining a quality improvement plan is now a government requirement for approved…

a childcare worker sits and helps young children bond with each other

Strategies for Inclusion in Childcare

Commitment to the inclusion of every child in childcare or early childhood education requires the adoption of strategies for inclusion in childcare that are practical, meaningful and sufficiently flexible to…

a female childcare worker thoroughly washing her hands

Infection Control Procedures in Childcare

The past twelve months has really emphasised the importance of infection control in childcare. The emergence of COVID-19 has highlighted how quickly a communicable disease can spread and the risks…

a baby reaching for pills while the childcare worker prevents him from reaching them

Hazards in a Childcare Centre

Hazards in childcare cannot be taken lightly. Keeping children and workers safe is a key responsibility of all childcare centres. Keeping children safe is a multi-faceted task involving education, supervision,…