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Beliefs - home like environment; friendly; harmonious relationships; inviting; welcoming; parent involvement.

Non discriminatory - anti bias curriculum; non-threatening; cater for individual needs; effective open communication channels between all parties.

Safe in all areas - physical; emotional; social; intellectual; inviting; fun; stimulating; educational; age appropriate activities; individually appropriate.

Parents are an important part of the centre, thus they will be encouraged to communicate with the staff and other parents.
They will be encouraged to be active participants in a number
of ways.  They may visit whenever they wish, provide us with resources (and vice versa), help with routines, excursions, offer suggestions and opinions to the staff.

We believe that this involvement of parents will enable smooth transition between home and the centre and will make it easier
for children to learn in both environments.


An ‘emergent curriculum’ is a style and philosophy that
works with child focus and involves teaching in a creative and stimulating manner. The focus of learning is from the child’s perspective, so topics of learning are about the things the child finds interesting and stimulating. It focuses more in observing
the child on a very personal level and then incorporating aspects identified as being of interest into the daily experiences.

This style of teaching is not based on the ‘wrong’ or ‘right’
answers to the questions that may be posed to the child.
It focuses on the process rather than the product.

We Evaluate each child based on the following:

1. The Creative Child
2. The Communicating Child
3. The Thinking, Exploring & Problem Solving Child
4. The Physical, Healthy & Active Child
5. The Social, Feeling & Moral Child
6. Group Time
7. Transitions
8. Spontaneous / Child Input

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